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Colleen Finn

Founder Colleen Finn (b. 1978) hails from St. Louis, Missouri; home to the Gateway Arch, World Champion baseball Cardinals, and breweries. An elite athlete in her own right, the St. Louis native earned a field hockey scholarship to the University of Louisville where she played four years as a goal keeper. On a summer road trip, Colleen fell in love with Portland. She made it her home in 2001. Colleen’s love of athletics plus a strong desire to mix sports with good friends and adult beverages drove her to start kickball, dodgeball, ping pong and bowling leagues.

Cristina Acosta

Operations Director Cristina Acosta (b. 1977) comes from the San Francisco bay area. She earned a scholarship to play softball at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. Cristina suffered a multitude of injuries while playing for Ball State. After recovering, she traveled to her new home, Portland. A menace to all who oppose her in any sport, Cristina is an extraordinary athlete with a hearty appetite for competition at all levels of play.

Mark Dobrowski

Kickball Board Member Mark Dobrowski (b. 1911) is a Chicago native, and a huge Bears and Cubs fan. Mark has been in several kickball championship games with his Eastsliders and won the dodgeball title with Axis of Evil. Mark is our brilliant statstician. He is an RTSL charter member, having been involved in Northwest Kickball since its origin. Mark kicks, dodges and bowls with Recess Time. He is one of the most celebrated of RTSL members and is always present at the bar after games for a couple brews, shots and good conversation.

Luke Wisher

Sports Coordinator & Photographer Luke Wisher (b. 1985) was born in Coos Bay and as a child migrated to northwest Montana. Big Mountain and Glacier Park were his playgrounds where he developed a love for snowboarding, hiking, biking, rafting and photography. In college he earned a soccer scholarship and was president of the student body. Upon returning to Oregon he found a variety of opportunities in Portland for his independent business as a photographer.

Additional Board members currently without bios include: Ryan Fleming, Cindy Ottley, BJ Kahle, & Corey Maynard