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Teams must have at least four registered players .
Each team plays eight matches per night:
Two Gentlemen’s Singles
Two Ladies’ Singles 
Two Gentlemen’s Doubles
Two Ladies’ Doubles
Two Mixed Doubles 

Each Game is best two out of three games played to 11. 

We follow the ITTF rule book 

Game begins with PING rally to determine service. 

Service rotates every two points service in an 11 point game. If tied at 11s, service rotates every point. 

Players may not play more than one singles matches per team match and no more than three total matches in one team match. 

Example: Zoe can play in one singles ladies match, one ladies’ double match and one co-ed doubles match. Zoe may not play in two singles ladies matches during one team match. Spread the love, share the talent, be a team! 

If a team cannot find players to fill all spots in one night, players may be substituted from other teams, those players must be registered to play Ping Pong with Recess Time Sports Leagues. Subs only earn 1/2 point for victory. 

Substitutes are not allowed during the playoffs. 

If a team cannot field a player for one if its team’s matches, that match will be declared a forfeit but other matches will continue within the team’s match. 
The opposing team receives a score of 2-0 11-0, 11-0 win. 

If a team forfeits four of the seven matches, that entire team match is a forfeit. The other team receives a score of 7-0 team match win.

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