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Sports Coordinator & Photographer Luke Wisher (b. 1985) was born in Coos Bay and as a child migrated to northwest Montana. Big Mountain and Glacier Park were his playgrounds where he developed a love for snowboarding, hiking, biking, rafting and photography. In college he earned a soccer scholarship and was president of the student body. Upon returning to Oregon he found a variety of opportunities in Portland for his independent business as a photographer.



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Nate's gateway into Recesstime was Beer and Pitches Recesstime Portland kickball team. He
joined the board in August 2018 to help with marketing (specifically digital marketing) efforts for the league. His favorite kickball memory is when his team, Fat Chronic Bunts, matched up against Blue Chips in the second round of the tournament. They went into the game knowing they would probably lose, but they held them scoreless for the first several innings before they scored 3 in one inning. They ended up losing 3-0. It was my favorite loss ever! He was so proud of his team, he felt like his team had won the Kennedy Cup.

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Founder Colleen Finn hails from St. Louis, Missouri; home to the Gateway Arch, World Champion baseball Cardinals and Stanley Cup Champion St. Louis Blues.  On a summer road trip, Colleen fell in love with Portland.  Colleen’s love of athletics plus a strong desire to mix sports with good friends drove her to start kickball, dodgeball, ping pong and bowling leagues in 2002.



Nate learned about Kickball during the lunch break during the bar exam. He had just moved back to Portland from Eugene and he found out about this team called the Bad News Barristers. It was the U of O Law School Alumni team and his introduction to kickball. It’s hard for Nate to pick one single favorite memory from kickball, but his first Red Shirt was with his first team and it was pretty epic. They were a 27 seed in the Hosford Cup in the summer of 2012 and there were almost 100 teams that year. Tournament was at Delta Park and it was in the 90s. They didn’t expect to stay in for long, so no one brought much food, drink, or shade. After they defeated half of the top 10 teams to get into the finals, their bloodied, sun-burned, and dehydrated crew of Barristers pulled out a come from behind victory that included a suicide squeeze in the 5th inning. It still gives Nate chills. Nate joined the Recesstime Kickball board because of his proclivity for reading, writing, and studying rules. He stepped in as the rules guru and ref chair in 2017. Kickball was very central his my life long before that, though. His kids have grown up spending their weekends with him at the kickball field and he has found lifelong friends in the Recesstime community.

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